By Products of the Sugar Industry

By-Products of the Sugar Cane Industry Commercial Uses of Bagasse: Consulted and advised research projects on the drying of bagasse; its uses for the production of a-cellulose (pilot plant design and research program); developed technology and patented invention for the production of furfural using fluidized-bed reactors; designed plant and researched processes for the production of cattle food using bagacillo, molasses and urea.

Mineral and Hydrometallurgical Processes

Copper Ores Roasting: Performed a scale-up of a copper segregation process treating low grade sulphide ores. Designed a fluidized bed roaster, a combustion chamber and feeders for the salt, coal as basic components of the experimental installation. Registered a patent.

Raw Sugar Manufacture

Extraction of the Juice: Mass balance in the mills station; developed a design method for sugar cane juice colander and a patented invention.

Purification of the Juice: Researched, consulted, and supervised studies on the sedimentation process; supervised the evaluation of residence time of the clarifiers and mechanical design of clarifiers.

Evaporation and Heating: Gave consultations, advice and made calculations on heat and mass balances; cleaning cycles, and programmed research on this station.

Crystallization: Gave consultation and advice on the evaluation of the single-effect vacuum pans (mass and heat balance); on the evaluation of the continuous crystallizers; design and application of thermal compressor.

Solar Drying of Fish

Dried fish is a basic food to Angolans and one of the methods of drying fish is by solar heat. Using mathematical modeling I researched the parameters of the drying process of a prototype passive dryer developed at Luanda University.

Obtaining Furfural from BAGASSE in Fluidized-bed Reactors

A technology based on the application of fluidized-bed reactors was developed for the production of furfural from pith - the smallest solid particles of the bagasse sugar cane.


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