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Wedding Ceremony

During October 1993 I got married at a Chapel in Stanley Park. Many friends from  UBC - Chemical Engineering Department where I was working came to the ceremony and celebration 

Igor Kazatchkov, a colleague from UBC took a lot of pictures and this was one of them. The girls on the picture were friends of my family. I generally do not enjoy big crowds of people that I meet in such a different environment. Nevertheless, I was very happy in the company of my wife and was looking forward to start a new life in Canada. We spent the weekend in a Downtown Vancouver hotel and on December we went to Cuba in a honeymoon trip to a resort on Siboney beach. I specially remember a very pleasant moment. One morning they invited us to a small party at the hotel’s dining room. My wife and I arrived a bit late and a surprised. They started singing “happy birthday to you, Meinardo, happy birthday to you,” That day December 21 was my legal birthdate which I really did not know. I was told when I was a kid that I was born on November 21 and this is the date I celebrate. Therefore, that party was particularly strange but very amusing at the same time.

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