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At Alderwoods’s Group

I was working full time until I retired in 2004 at Alderwoods Group (former Lowen Group which filled bankruptcy protection) in the Accounts Payable Department.  

Working at Canadian Sawmills Industries was a great professional experience in Professional Accounting and in a very raw industrial environment. Nevertheless, I was at a Director level carrying on all the accounts of the business. At Alderwoods Group was a different story. I was working at basic level processing payables for funeral homes located in different states of USA including Puerto Rico. Only during closed to two years I hold a position of Cheque Creator for Trustees of Insurance Policies. I took this position over from another lady that started working there at the same time I did. I used to receive all cheque remittances and fill out different Excel Files to print out later the cheques. But the design of the spreadsheet forced you to print out all the cheques contained on it even those without information. The proportion of paper lost was around 85-90 % in every run. I designed an Access database with which you could only print the cheques with info in the run. It would save hundreds of sheets of paper and work time. But my boss was a lady named Doralee that treated badly as she saw me slow and stupid. That was a very hard time for me. When that position was closed due to changes in the organization of the corporation, I asked to be transferred to the section I was previously working among others with Rachel (left) and Dornila, who are in this picture. 

Welcoming a new born baby!

Meinardo holding new born baby from Gabriel and Rosanna. My old friend and professional colleague Marija Persoglia brought the presents.

Birthday Party in Paris - 2001

From left to right, Andrzej, Meinardo and Tadeusz. We travelled to Paris for ten days to visit the city and celebrate Andrzej Libera's anniversary.

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