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Westminster Abbey’s Retreat

Every year on Palm Sunday weekend I go for a retreat at the Westminster Abbey in Mission, BC. I go with Edward and Alfonso who are both like me members of the Knights of Columbus. 

It is a very refreshing and enriching time to me. The environment is so beautiful. The monks do such a very good job over there. The first year I got stomach flu on the middle of the Palm Sunday’s Mass; the second year I felt very good during mass.

Welcoming a new born baby!

Meinardo holding new born baby from Gabriel and Rosanna. My old friend and professional colleague Marija Persoglia brought the presents.

Birthday Party in Paris - 2001

From left to right, Andrzej, Meinardo and Tadeusz. We travelled to Paris for ten days to visit the city and celebrate Andrzej Libera's anniversary.

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