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Visit to Viera in Montreal

Montreal Visit to Viera


I supervised Roberto Viera in his Chemical Engineering Thesis about the Development of a Pilot Plant on a Technology for the Production of Synthetic Zeolite that was a great success.  

The Ministry of Higher Education had established a kind of competition on this topic where the three main universities in Cuba were participating and we won. At the University of Oriente we did not have resources for the construction of the pilot plant on that moment, but Roberto found out that the plant could be built in areas of the Beer Factory located in the city of Santiago de Cuba where a former classmate and colleague of mine was working. He was Professor in the same Chemical Engineering Department where I was working but was expel from the University because he applied to immigrate to USA. Later he could not leave and was a VIP at the Beer Factory and at Santiago de Cuba City Hall. I visited the Beer Factory with Rene Navarro and together inspected all the different areas available where the plan could be built. We were very lucky and found an area with all the utilities available (steam, water, electricity, pumping) and decided to take it. Viera contacted a Professor of Mechanical Engineering who designed the plant and another ran after the construction. Viera could ran all his experiments on time and defended a very good thesis. He was awarded with Golden Diploma at his Graduation Ceremony. It is interesting to say that the team that work with me there had very good time drinking beers on the employees area every day at five before leaving and at midnight in those occasions when we finished experiments very late. Today Roberto Viera lives in Montreal with Jackie, his wife and I visited them during Christmas when I was staying in Oshawa at my daughter’s place.

Welcoming a new born baby!

Meinardo holding new born baby from Gabriel and Rosanna. My old friend and professional colleague Marija Persoglia brought the presents.

Birthday Party in Paris - 2001

From left to right, Andrzej, Meinardo and Tadeusz. We travelled to Paris for ten days to visit the city and celebrate Andrzej Libera's anniversary.

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