About IENGJ Society

About IENGJ Society

About IENGJ Society!The International Engineering Journal – IENGJ Society is an international, community-based, voluntary organization dedicated to publishing the IENGJ, monographs and books, provide engineering education, and to the marketing and sales of the products created by society’s members.

The IENGJ Society was founded in June 2010 in the city of Vancouver by professors Tadeusz Majewski, Victor Haber Perez, Oleg Malafeyev, Guillermo Roca and Meinardo Boizan.

Since then it has created the International Engineering Journal which is published electronically at pub.iengj.org and at journal.iengj.com and in a printed version at its own Printing Department.

IENGJ Society would like to invite professionals to submit their articles to the International Engineering Journal -IENGJ on any of its fields such as biological, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, ecological, materials, mechanical, mining, physics and robotics engineering, game theory, control theory, linear and nonlinear programming, buildings, transporting, logistics, operations research, mathematical economics, differential games, and dynamical programming.

The IENGJ School Online offers undergraduate and graduate courses on Engineering on an accessible learning environment where you can learn a subject in the same fashion as in school. Courses would include contents that might be of interest to engineering and science people.

IENGJ Student Outlet is where people can sale their used books. It is an absolutely free service provided by IENGJ Society to all its members.