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Member of Editorial Advisory Boards

1. The Latin-American Journal for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering edited by the Argentine Association for Investigators in Sciences of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (1976 to 1979).

2. The Chemical Technology Journal edited by the Ministry of Higher Education in the ISPJAM (1979 to 1993).

3. The Cybernetic Control and Automatization Journal edited by the Cuban Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Basic Industries of Cuba (1983 to 1993).

Member of Scientific Advisory Boards

1. Scientific Board, Technological Faculty of the University of Oriente (1970 to 1983).

2. Scientific Board, Polytechnic University of Oriente (ISPJAM) (1983 to 1993).

3. Research & Development Board, Sugar Industry Corporation in the Province of Santiago de Cuba (1990 to 1993).

Society Memberships

1. The Cuban Association for Chemists and Chemical Engineers, 1980 to 1993.

(Vice-President of Santiago de Cuba Chapter, 1980 to 1986).

2. Cuban Association for Sugar Technologists (1975-1993).

3. The Chemical Institute of Canada, 1994 to 1997.

4. Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia, Canada, 1997.

Welcoming a new born baby!

Meinardo holding new born baby from Gabriel and Rosanna. My old friend and professional colleague Marija Persoglia brought the presents.

Birthday Party in Paris - 2001

From left to right, Andrzej, Meinardo and Tadeusz. We travelled to Paris for ten days to visit the city and celebrate Andrzej Libera's anniversary.

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